Tragedy in Nairobi, Kenya

I don’t completely understand what is going on, but for people, who went to the mall to either have fun or shop around to end up either dead, held hostage, or having to flee for their lives is not okay.

My heart goes out to Kenyans that have died in the violent rampage that took place in Nairobi as well as the foreigners that died as well.

There has been talk that some Somali insurgents or group have claimed to be the ones behind the attack. All I know is that people need to leave Kenya and other African countries alone. This warfare or whatever it may be is causing many lives and leaving many families to bury their young and old.

Explain to the children that their loved one didn’t come back because some ignorant group of people felt that it was okay to gun them down as though they were meat. The violence that is going on and all these calls for guns and wars are not helping.

This act of violence was senseless and done for the sick enjoyment of people that do not care for the lives of others. Those responsible for this tragedy should be tracked down and dealt with by the Kenyan government. The people that carried out such ridiculous orders should be detained and questioned.

My apologizes and condolences to the people that were in the mall that day, to the people that are injured, to the people that died, to the people that lost loved ones, and for the security many have lost as a result of this event.


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