Missing: Morgan Martin, 17, Fl

A pregnant Florida teenager has disappeared after telling her mother  she was stepping outside to tell the father of her unborn baby that an  ultrasound indicated the baby was a girl.
Morgan Martin, 17, disappeared July 25 in St. Petersburg, Fla.   Morgan’s mother said the baby’s father, whom Morgan met on Facebook, is  26 and from Kansas City. Police and Morgan’s mother declined to name the  man.
The teenager was last seen about 12:30 a.m., her mother Leah Martin told ABCNews.com.

Mrs. Martin said she had warned her daughter against seeing the man because he was not on good terms with Morgan.
“He said he was going to come over and talk to her and so she told  me,  ‘Mom, I’m just going to go talk to him,” Leah Martin said. “I told  her, ‘Morgan, you don’t want anything to do with him … You’re a kid. If  he gets caught with you, he’s going to jail.’”
The mother said Morgan’s sister, Sierra Cahill, 20, was the last to  see Morgan step outside. When Leah Martin woke for work at 5 a.m., she  noticed her daughter had left the lights, television and air  conditioning on. She figured Morgan was probably still outside talking  with the baby’s father, but didn’t see any cars.

A few phone calls from Cahill followed saying Morgan was not  returning calls and was not on Facebook, something Leah Martin said was  very rare for the teen.
Police say they have no indication Morgan Martin left of her own  accord. The fact that she didn’t take anything with her and was dressed  for bed “has caused us to believe this is not a normal set of  circumstances,” St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz said Friday.
“There’s a difference between a runaway situation and something like  this, where you have a set of circumstances suggesting that she has just  stopped communicating with all her friends,” Puetz said.
Morgan has run away from home before, Puez said, but always returned soon after.

Puetz said the baby’s father and Morgan were communicating up to her disappearance.
Police are not certain a crime has taken place and have not named any suspects.
Morgan is 5-feet-2  and weighs around 170 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Morgan Keyanna Martin can call police at (727) 893-7780.


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