Missing: Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones, 14, St. Louis *Update found*

Amber Alert: Missing 14-yr Old Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones From St. Louis, MO

Posted by themusicreporter

Swurvradio.com has just been informed of a missing 14-yr old St. Louis MO girl by the name of Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones , who has been missing since Wednesday Oct. 2, 2013. The teen reportedly missed school on Wednesday (Mclure High School).

She was last seen wearing black pants, red & black or black shirt and black shoes. Dominique also wears glasses. She was also seen in the back seat of a newer model “Blue Mazda” at a new Mobile gas station on West Florisaint @ the corner of Chambers.

Her uncle Anthony Cherry had this to say on his Facebook page

This is my niece Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones who went missing this past wed never went to school [Mcclure High] in St.Louis,Mo!If you have any information about where she is please contact me 3104662754 or police!A 14 year old child is being held against her will and is afraid last we heard she was seen yesterday in back of a blue Mazda on west florisaint at chambers at Mobile!Police are involved and a large family search is in progress!domonique knows better the people that’s she is with a Girl name Da’Shay dosnt!

Swurvradio asks our website viewers and stations listeners to please contact the Cherry family @ 310.466.2754 and the St. Louis County Police @ 314.889.2341 if you have any information pertaining to young Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones’ whereabouts.

We at Swurvradio.com and our staff send our prayers to Dominique and her family and hope our efforts along with the efforts of others helps bring the 14-yr old young lady home safe and unharmed.

Amber Alert: Missing 14-yr Old Dominique Shian Cherry-Jones From St. Louis, MO |

She has been found, thank God! Dominique Cherry-Jones and D’Shay Knox have been found | ksdk.com


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