Missing: Luisa Pena, 21, Central Falls

Family and friends of a missing Central Falls woman are pleading for her safe return.

Luisa Pena, 21, is developmentally disabled and three months pregnant. She’s been missing since Wednesday.

Her family says Pena has a speech impediment and does not drive, and she may not understand what’s going on around her.

Last week, Pena visited her alma mater, Central Falls High School, where she spoke with some of her former teachers. Jordana Tillinghast was one of those teachers.

“She was not in her right frame of mind on Tuesday,” said Tillinghast at a news conference Monday afternoon. “[She was] very different than I’ve ever seen her.”

Tillinghast said she asked Pena if she was on drugs, but Pena said no.

Pena’s family said they fear she was abducted by two men who reportedly assaulted her two months ago. Pena reported the assault to police last week.

Her family also said Pena met a stranger at a bus stop last week, and are afraid he also could have abducted her.

Pena was last seen wearing scrub pants, orange flip-flops and black sweatshirt. Her family said there were reported sightings of her on Sunday afternoon.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pawtucket Police Department at (401) 727-9100.



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