Renisha McBride

Those police officers along with the murderer should be thrown in jail for life!


Renisha McBride (1994-2013), a 19-year-old Black American woman from Detroit, was shot dead in the nearby White American suburb of Dearborn Heights at 2.30am on Saturday November 2nd 2013. Just like Jonathan Ferrell two months before, she had been in a car accident and was looking for help. But this time it was not the police who shot her dead but the man who answered the door. She was unarmed.

Note: The following is based on accounts given by the police and McBride’s family in the five days following the shooting.

According to police, the shooter says that he was afraid of a break-in and that his shotgun went off in her face by accident. Yet he did not call 911 afterwards. He left her dead on his porch.

The police at first said her body was dumped in Dearborn Heights, as if the murder had taken place…

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