Justice for Barbara Banks, 21


I think that she should not have plead guilty and the lawyer that instructed her was an idiot. She defended herself, no one should have the right to assault someone on the street and not expect them to fight back. The man should have never verbally and physically assaulted her!


Woman Kills Man She Didn’t Even Know Because He Called Her Ugly

A woman on Thursday pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after she killed a drunken man who called her, you would never guess; ugly. Barbara Banks, 21, was charged in the slaying of Keon J. Robinson, only pleading guilty to voluntary man slaughter.

In Richmond Circuit Court, Banks claimed she killed Robinson in the “heat of passion” after she was provoked by some insults spoken by Robinson.

The deadly stabbing initially took place outside the Coalter Street Apartments in the city’s East end on February 9. Authorities say at about 1 P.M., Banks was walking out of one of the apartments when Robinson pursued her and called her ugly while striking her in the head multiple times. Robinson at the time reportedly had more than three times the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration for drivers. After insulting Banks a second time, the 21-year-old woman finally had enough. “Wait right there,” she told Robinson before walking into the apartment to grab a knife from the dishwasher.

As Robinson attempted to hit Banks one more time, his plan was through. Banks lunged at the drunken Robinson, stabbing him. Robinson died at the scene due to a significant amount of blood loss, said Anne Lloyd, a Richmond prosecutor.

The one inch deep stab wound was enough to pierce the aortic artery of the slim 146 pound Robinson. During a police interview, Banks told Detective Jeffery Crewell that she was looking to “get even” with Robinson.

Banks will now face up to 10 years in prison when she is sentenced February 26, 2014. According to Richmond authorities, the ruthless woman had a history of assault arrests, however Banks’ attorney pleaded for the lesser dealer because of Banks’ cooperation with the police after the stabbing.


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