Stop the Genocide in South Sudan

I have been vaguely following the story in South Sudan and it’s hard to with a view conflicting stories. I want to be sure I am receiving the real deal without some propaganda to instigate some war for America to be in. I don’t want this to turn into Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the countless other countries American forces are in.

This situation is serious. Women, men, and children are at a high chance to be killed, if that is not what is taking place already. We have seen what became of Rwanda, the Biafra war, when people start to kill one another for some perceived power.

As Africans in America, we know the history of genocide that was taken out against us and still is today. How many African-Americans were killed without justice? Killed because of paranoia? Killed while innocent? Emmitt Till, Scottsboro boys, and so many more.

We need to speak up about this and do something about this. We cannot allow our brother and sisters to live in fear in their own land. Don’t forget why there is a South Sudan now, because those reaping the wealth of Sudan where killing the natives and discriminating against them.

So please spread the word about what is going on in South Sudan. Yesterday there was a Stop the Genocide rally in DC for South Sudan, by American Sudanese who will not sit by and see their people in pain. No matter where you are from it is our duty to ensure that people are treated fairly especially those of darker skin.

Please spread the word. 2013 will not end without this situation receiving the attention that it deserves, spread the word!


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