Quick Thoughts: White History Month


“Why isn’t there a White History Month?”

That’s the question that white folks ask whenever February rolls around. They believe that a month observed for Black history is unfair and racist. After all, many argue that this country has come a long way. Some believe that it’s truly post-racial. And of course, not mentioning race is seen as fighting racism. Yawn!

White privilege makes it extremely hard to see that White history is taught, celebrated and even manipulated to create idols and heroes that are overwhelmingly white. White history is part of our education curriculum, a course requirement in order to (at least) graduate high school and even college. White history has been used as plots in Hollywood stories, some of them are even fixed to make larger-than-life White protagonists and devious villains…of color. And White history in the hands of White-minded people can turn history’s greatest assholes into America’s…

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