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Rosewood was a Black town in the American state of Florida that was burned to the ground in 1923 by Whites. The state of Florida says eight died: six Blacks, two Whites. Survivors say between 40 to 150 died, nearly all of them Black. Several eyewitnesses saw a mass grave of Blacks with maybe 27 bodies, but to date it has not been found.

No Whites were ever charged with a crime, though the state did pay reparations in 1994.

Rosewood seemed to get along with the neighbouring White town of Sumner. But then one morning, on Monday January 1st 1923, Fannie Taylor, a White woman of Sumner, came out of her house screaming that a Black man had beat her up. Rumours cried rape.

Bloodhounds led the police and a gang of armed White men to Rosewood, to wagon tracks behind the house of Aaron Carrier

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