R.I.P Maya Angelou

When I first heard the news all I could do was cry. Like this women is more than a celebrity, she is motivational, inspirational, a world class act. Angelou’s life had a tragic beginning, she was raped at the age of 7-years-old, but who she became is amazing. God gifted this woman with the impeccable talent of words. Some call her a wordsmith, which is very accurate. She could take simple words and weave them together to create a long-standing masterpiece. When I read her poem Phenomenal Woman, I wondered what she looked like, especially since in the poem she downplayed her looks. But when I saw her I couldn’t understand because she was beautiful. Inside and out. I understand now, her outside beauty was just the icing on the cake, her very being, her very essence, her spirit, her core, made her so much more than a pretty face. She was a phenomenal woman indeed, who encouraged other women to be phenomenal as well regardless of what others around them said or did.

She was a student of knowledge, but she never kept any to herself, she shared it with people from all walks of life in many different languages. Watching her Master Class on the OWN network, I felt inspired even more. I truly believe that her name will never disappear, she will be the Shakespeare the next generations will read, she will be Edgar Allen Poe, and the next generation will study and mirror their styles after. She will live on forever.

Thank you Maya Angelou for sharing your heart, talent, and words of wisdom with all of those. R.I.P beautiful.


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