Henry Davis

I read about this. Missouri has long been operating outside the law and its a shame they have been doing it this long.


henry-davisHenry Davis (c. 1957- ), an American welder, was beat up by the police in Ferguson, Missouri in 2009. After that they charged him with “damage of property” for getting blood on their uniforms.

Davis is not from Ferguson. He pulled off the road there in the middle of the night to wait out bad weather. It was raining so hard he could barely see.

The police approached his car. They took his phone from his hand, put on hand cuffs and took him to the police station. They did not say why.

At the station the police found out that he was the wrong Henry Davis – the one they were looking for had a different middle name.

Instead of letting him go, they threw him in jail and beat him up while hand-cuffed. Then they charged him with bleeding on their uniforms:

“On and/or about the 20th day…

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