Vern’s Venting: Tamika Huston Should Have Married Ray Rice

It is sad, smh


Tamika Huston, a 24 year-old woman from Spartanburg, South Carolina who went missing and was murdered in 2004

By Lavern Merrweather:

The media has finally taken a break of their wallowing in the misery that is black males to focus attention on yet another pretty, young white woman that has gone missing. Does anybody else, beside me, see the glaring hypocrisy of my statement?

White people, particularly white males, play a very good game and put on a tremendous show of disgust when a black male is guilty or accused of doing something heinous to a black woman. Funny, but they sure as shit don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about black women any other time. You know how I know that? Because I NEVER see them spending even a third of time on the plight of a missing black woman as they do on females like Natalie Holloway, Lisa…

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I am partially Back

Black Wonder Woman

I have neglected this blog for awhile and there have been so much going on in the world lately that I really needed to just take a break. However, I am ready to make sure my voice is heard and to hear the voice of the readers back. I am hoping I can present more positive stories to my blog to match the new color layout. I want to start talking about a lot of news, some that are not mainstream. Everyday is a day to be conscious, and I am ready to write my thoughts again. I miss you guys and my blog, so be on the look out for what will be in store for you guys. You have all my best, R.A.T.

Serena Williams Becomes 1st Woman to Win U.S. Open 3 Times in a Row, Ties Navratilova and Evert with 18 Grand Slam Titles

Go Serena! Women excellence!


Serena Williams with Martina Navratilova, left, and Chris Evert after Williams’s victory on Sunday. “The sky’s the limit,” Navratilova said of her. (Credit: Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times)

They did the cool thing, the classy thing, by bringing Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert out to embellish, or even to authenticate, the occasion of Serena Williams joining their 18 Grand Slam singles victory club Sunday evening after Williams toyed with Caroline Wozniacki in the United States Open final.

The request was made Saturday, Navratilova would say, after standing with Evert in a corner of the court at Arthur Ashe Stadium, waiting for Mary Carillo to cue them to the presentation of the championship trophy and a shiny bracelet.

Once upon an era, the career-long rivals Navratilova and Evert shared bagels in the locker room before fittingly finishing their careers with the same number of slams. Now it was their turn to…

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Black fresh Fashion: “JiGistylez”

"Red Lipstick Natural Belle" Earrings

I know I haven’t been posting as much, but I definitely had to share this website that I use as my go to for all things fashion: glasses, scarves, earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. Nothing makes me feel hotter than rocking my hair with afro styled earrings in my ear or studs.

So as a shoutout to the owner, thank you!

You can check out JigiStylez and hook yourself up.