VonDerrit Myers

R.I.P Von Derrit Myers



VonDerritt Myers, Jr (1996-2014), a Black American high school student, was gunned down by a White police officer on October 8th 2014 in the Shaw neighbhourhood of southern St Louis, Missouri – just two months and ten miles (16km) from the Michael Brown shooting. Whether Myers was armed is in dispute.

The shooting led to a protest of 300. A hundred police officers in riot gear arrived to contain them, a helicopter flying overhead. Protesters damaged two police cars (broken window, broken tail light). The next night protesters burned a US flag.

The shooting is not as clear-cut as the Michael Brown case:

What the police said (at one point or other – they keep changing their story): Myers and three others were standing on a street corner when the officer drove by. Officer Unknown Name thought Myers might have a gun because of the way he adjusted his waistband…

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