13 Black Women Sexually Assaulted by police officer Daniel Holtzclaw and the media is silent

“Black women are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault by police due to historically entrenched presumptions of promiscuity and sexual availability,” according to a recent report. “Historically, the American legal system has not protected Black women from sexual assault, thereby creating opportunities for law enforcement officials to sexually abuse them with the knowledge that they are unlikely to suffer any penalties for their actions.”

Please read the rest of this article here: “The Rape Trial Everyone in America Should be Watching”

I first heard about this monster’s actions through online blogs, not the news. The monster, Daniel Holtzclaw, who was a police officer, sexually assaulted 13 black women ages 17-57 years old; He deliberately targeted these black women because of their race. He would run their information and if they had any type of run in with police: stop them, assault them, and threaten them into silence. He got away with it until he encountered the wrong one, the 57 year old woman who did not live in his jurisdiction. The fact that such a person is allowed to wear a uniform and call himself a cop is problematic. What is even more problematic is the racial make up of the jury, an all white jury. His attorney is deliberately trying to smear the women’s credibility. I do not care if a person is a crack addict, no one deserves to be sexually assaulted, period! The media silence is troubling and disheartening, these women matter. What he did to them and took from them is indescribable and he deserves to pay for it.He is a monster and filthy human being who used his position of authority and power to prey on children and women knowing that racism would allow him to get away with it. No more silence, let us bring attention to this trial to ensure that justice is served. That no other Black women will have to be afraid. That these victims receive the justice due to them. There will be consequences for messing with Black woman, this is the warning that needs to ring out loud and clear around the world. Blackwomenlivesmatter and its not up for debate!

Zimbabwe’s 1st Woman Flight Deck Crew

My sisters in Zimbabwe are making history with the first all woman flight deck crew!!!!! This is amazing the captains Chipo M Matimba and Elizabeth Simbi Petros flew from Harare to Victoria Falls in the Boeing 737-200. Talk about amazing! Niger also has made history with Lieutenant Ouma Laouali being its first woman pilot to serve in the country’s armed Forces. It’s great to see these inspiriting women doing their thing and inspiring the next generation. Women can do everything and anything and this is another great way to promote womanpower. Blessings to these women and their achievements, may they achieve more things. Below will be a link to the full article. Source for the pictures is ThisisAfrica.

Captain Elizabeth Simbi Petros (L) and Captain Chipo M. Matimba (R) Photo: Air Zimbabwe

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African vs. African American

This is a great article by Hello Beautiful concerning the division between Africans and African-Americans and how both sides contribute to the gap. I feel like the author did an amazing job, I could agree with a lot of her points. I do think that there is a gap and I understand the reason for the gap. Yet, I feel as though we expect complete unity and it may not be the case; however we can all have a common cause that we can unit on and its the fact that African and Black lives no matter where they are in the world matters. Below is a small intro to the article along with a link. Enjoy!

“When it comes to my passion for justice for African-Americans in this country, I’m often asked a puzzling question.

You’re not American,” people say. “Why should you care?

As an African woman, it’s true: I am not an African-American. But this is my home now and of course I care about the place I live and the people who look like me.

Furthermore, when I step out in public, without knowing details about my identity, no one knows I am a Nigerian girl who has lived away from her homeland for most of her life. Ultimately, in those moments, what I am is another Black face in the crowd.”

You can read the rest of the article Here.

7 African Martial Arts you Didn’t Know By AtlantaBlackStar

Shout outs to this website for showing something amazing, letting the world know: Africans have martial arts too! I have always wanted to know about various war dances and festival customs from different African cultures. It’s a huge part of our history that can be glossed over. This was such an eye opener I couldn’t be greedy and keep it to myself. Shout out to www.ankhesen-mie.net for posting this on her side bar. I have posted a snippet of the first part, you can read the rest of the article on the link under it. Enjoy the link to the article!

Oung Dambe boxers during a match. Photo by Jane Hahn


According to Slate, “Dambe was historically practiced by the Hausa butchers’ guild around harvest or festival time and was considered to be a test of bravery, a rite of passage for marriage, or preparation for war.” The west African boxing style is extremely popular in Nigeria, southern Niger and Chad, where boxers fight with one hand. The boxer’s strong hand is covered in a wrap and called the spear. The other hand is free and called the shield. Kicking allowed as well. Each match has three rounds and the boxers must knock their opponent out within that time frame.

AtlantaBlackStar “7 African Martial Arts you Don’t know”