African vs. African American

This is a great article by Hello Beautiful concerning the division between Africans and African-Americans and how both sides contribute to the gap. I feel like the author did an amazing job, I could agree with a lot of her points. I do think that there is a gap and I understand the reason for the gap. Yet, I feel as though we expect complete unity and it may not be the case; however we can all have a common cause that we can unit on and its the fact that African and Black lives no matter where they are in the world matters. Below is a small intro to the article along with a link. Enjoy!

“When it comes to my passion for justice for African-Americans in this country, I’m often asked a puzzling question.

You’re not American,” people say. “Why should you care?

As an African woman, it’s true: I am not an African-American. But this is my home now and of course I care about the place I live and the people who look like me.

Furthermore, when I step out in public, without knowing details about my identity, no one knows I am a Nigerian girl who has lived away from her homeland for most of her life. Ultimately, in those moments, what I am is another Black face in the crowd.”

You can read the rest of the article Here.


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