The Root: “9-Year-Old Va. Girl Collects Dolls for Homeless Girls Her Age”


I am so happy to post another article from The Root about another child making a difference. This little one is going to be a force to be reckoned with, with her big heart. Nine-years-old Gianni Graham from Norfolk, Va, is collecting Barbie dolls to give to young girls in homeless shelters around her area. The young girl decided to do this after Christmas. “I wanted to inspire them and give encouragement,” she said.

Graham’s goal is to collect a 1,000 dolls to give to 1,000 little girls like her. When she first started out she had five dolls, two of which she had received for Christmas. Since her story has picked up, she has received 500 dolls, but her goal hasn’t been reached just yet. I am just so proud of her and all the kids like her truly making a difference. The future looks brighter and brighter with kids like this setting a foundation of giving and caring. You can read the article in the link provided. You can also head on over to Graham’s site to donate dolls, 1kbarbiesfor1kgirls.

The Root: “9-Year-Old Va. Girl Collects Dolls for Homeless Girls Her Age”

Picture source: The Root

Afro Hair: Crown Jewel of African Women and Men

This post is awesome! Honestly we truly can do a lot with our hair and those intricate hairstyles show creativity. Thank you for this post.

African Heritage

Nok sculpture of a woman Nok sculpture of a woman

Have you ever looked at sculptures of women from the Nok civilization? Then you have probably noticed that Nok women wore their hair braided similar to the Fulani women of today, in beautiful goddess braids, and amazing styles. Ever looked at images of Queen Nzingha? She wore her hair in Afro, fully out.

Queen Nzingha of Angola Queen Nzingha of Angola

What about the great Amanishakheto of Nubia, well, hieroglyphs at Meroë, show her sporting a gorgeous ‘Fro. And the fierce amazons of King Behanzin wore either braids, or shaved their heads, or sported afros. Today the tradition persists: the Himba women of Namibia and Angola wear dreadlocks decorated with red ochre, while Maasai women shave their heads and Maasai men sport dreadlocks. For their wedding, the Wodaabe women wear amazing braids decorated with cauris, and jewelry. In our culture, there…

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The Victims sexually assaulted by Daniel Holtzclaw Say Their Lives Are Forever Changed.

The last time I mentioned this case it was still on-going. Since then the monster has been sentenced to 263 years behind bars and will be serving them consecutively. Thank you Father God!

However, the scars he left behind on his victims are not so easily healed. The 17-year-old and 50 plus year-old both describe how fear of police and being assaulted again has left them paralyzed. While they are survivors and courageous, they are also hurting in ways I cannot imagine.

I truly hope that monster rots in prison and enjoy his time there, while getting the same treatment he dished out. You can read the article below, but these two comments stuck with me and it makes me glad that someone sees the end game in all of this. I pray that these women receive the support and help that they need in this trying time.

“Benjamin Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney representing several of the women in planned civil litigation against the city, said the convictions and sentence should send a message to the rest of the country that victimization of black women won’t be tolerated.”

“Every one of these women, from the 17-year-old teenager to the 57-year-old grandmother, … they survived a horrific experience,” Crump said. “Hopefully, this is an example for the rest of America to follow, right here in Oklahoma. We stopped a serial rapist with a badge when everyone else had doubt.”

While the past abuse and exploitation of Black woman was ignored, it will no longer be accepted or ignored. I don’t give a flying f**k your race or gender you hurt or endanger Black girls and Black women, we will get you.

Victims Say Their Lives Have Been Changed Forever

The Root: 11-Year-Old Girl Launches #1000BlackGirlBooks, a Book Drive Dedicated to Black Girl Characters in Books


Okay I could not not post this awesome article from The Root. This 11-year-old beauty has just started the blueprint for how awesome an asset she will be to her generation and the generation after.

Philly native Marley Dias, an avid book reader noticed something missing in the books she read: little girls like her. I laughed when she told her mom she was tired of reading about white boys and their dog.

No shade, but there are only so many books you can handle about a white boy and his dog, horse, cat, hamster–you get the gist.

Her mother asked her what she was going to do about it and the intelligent 11-year old had an answer: start a book drive featuring books with black girl leads. This makes my heart swell with pride. She made her answer a reality and began the #1000blackgirlsbooks.

I am basically summarizing the article lol, but she has raised 400 books and is looking to raise 1,000 by February to send them to St.Marys, Jamaica, where her mother is from.

You get all the details and more from the article here: The Root.

Let’s support and celebrate this little girl who is simply amazing. So proud of her and her mother.

The picture is courtesy of the The root.

Flint Water Crisis

They knew and said nothing, but if people say race is never a factor. This is why the Bible calls for us to protect and champion the cause of the poor. the way they are treated and disregarded as though they are not human is sad. Everyone involved in the coverup from high on down better be locked away for life. I don’t want to see any of these punk bastards going free. They are disgusting and should be made to drink that water pieces of trash.



The Flint Water Crisis (2014- ) is where Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan knowingly poisoned children, causing permanent brain damage in up to 8,000, two-thirds of them Black. The US government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew the water was unsafe – and did nothing.

Flint, a city 100 km north-west of Detroit, is the birthplace of General Motors. In the 1980s, GM started shutting down its factories there, throwing 75,000 people out of work. Flint lost 50% of its people and 75% of its tax base. Of those who remain, 40% live in poverty.

From 2003 to 2013, the state government cut nearly $55 million in revenue sharing with Flint.

rick-snyder.jpg Governor Rick Snyder

By 2011, the city was broke. The governor, Rick Snyder, a White, Tea Party Republican, took over Flint, a Black-majority city, the tenth most liberal city in the nation (think Michael Moore, who is from Flint)…

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Nominations: Black Women’s History Month

Black woman February Month?! I mean could that be any cooler? Seriously head on over and let him know who you want from the list or add some people. This is so going to rock!



February 2016 will be Black Women’s History Month on this blog. In the comments below, please nominate or second posts you woulds like to see. If you want to suggest a guest post, that would be great too!

My own suggestions, in alphabetical order:

  • Alice Walker
  • Alicia Garza
  • Althea Gibson
  • Annie Easley (pictured)
  • Audre Lorde
  • Ava DuVernay
  • Barbara Jordan
  • Barbara Harris
  • Bessie Smith
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Cicely Tyson
  • Claudette Colvin
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Diane Nash
  • Dorothy Height
  • Ella Baker
  • Esther Jones
  • Florence Griffith Joyner
  • Henrietta Lacks
  • Jessye Norman
  • Kerry Washington
  • Katherine Dunham
  • Leontyne Price
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Margaret Ekpo
  • Mary McLeod Bethune
  • Marimba Ani
  • Maya Angelou
  • Mia Love
  • misogynoir
  • Nichelle Nichols
  • Nina Simone
  • Queen Nanny
  • Queen Nzinga
  • Rama Yade
  • Sarah Vaughan
  • Shonda Rhimes
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Sophia Stewart
  • Stacey Dash
  • Viola Davis
  • Winnie Mandela
  • womanism

See also:

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BuzzFeed-“Our Hands Are Tied Because Of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing”

“We already feel bad enough because we’re all black. … We already have so much against us,” she said. “For once we’re trying to protect ourselves. It’s not even about race, but of course [black men] have to make it about race by wanting us to protect [them]. I said, I’m not doing that anymore.”

“[They’re] trying to protect Morehouse at the expense of Spelman, which doesn’t make any sense to me,” she said. “It’s just a really deep-rooted sense of protecting the black man. … But everyone is victimizing the black woman, and where is that narrative?”

The article linked below is about how sexual assaults against Black women are handled on HBCU campuses. The Historicall Black College and Universities mentioned are Spelman, an all girls school, and Morehouse, an all boys school. The two HBCU’s have a long intertwined history, but today that bond comes at the expense of Spelman woman who are sexually assaulted by their Morehouse brother’s. As usual crimes against Black woman are ignored or disregarded, but the pressure is even worse when the crime is done by her fellow brother. Two women’s struggle with receiving justice for their assault is detail and its sad and disgusting. Black women must be protected and thought of as important because we are. This article reminded me why its important we put a lot of time into our girls and young woman, why we must value them and in turn let them know they are valued. That if anything happen to them we will seek justice for them rather then place burdens on them and blame them when they are the victim. I can’t summarize this article enough, but this problem exists not just on HBCU’s but in this male dominated world. However, it does not me we accept this. These two women are remarkable for telling their stories and doing their part to help others who have been assaulted and are silent. Please read this article and share it.

“Our Hands Are Tied Because Of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing”utm_term=.dbd1XEZQ8#.rj70QxM7j