For Harriet: No One Special

“That was another common thread: We were all muted in some capacity. Always expected to think or behave a certain way, but never accepted for who we were. Once I realized that, my eyes opened to just how flawed the system really is. I would cringe when the counselor would act like joining extracurricular activities at school would solve our problems, or that sharing how we felt with our guardians would lessen our emotional burden.

No one was taking the time to resolve or respond to the root causes of our issues.”

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This entry details a young woman’s time in a Juvenile Detention Center and how it treated her. She details the feeling of her self esteem being dropped, but most importantly she talks about the other side of it. For some it can help, but for others it can harm. The harming and vulnerability of young Black girls are already exploited and in such a place it is legal for such exploitation and abuse. I believe God has placed her in a position to help other young girls, but this piece is one that needs to be shared. We must protect our young girls, we need to give them safe havens where they can flourish and build their self esteem. This article reminds me of why that is so important. Please read and share.


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