New Year, New Topic Focus

Hello everyone! I hope this year is treating you right so far 🙂

I am trying to get myself back to blogging and I truly want to focus on young black girls and black women. I want to focus on topics that concern them. I am noticing in many ways, in the media, young black girls are ignored. On Disney and Nick, their idea of diversity is one black boy for every white character and no black girls. I don’t believe a young black boy can gain a positive self image by watching young black girls on tv and vice verse. Young black girls need to see themselves in a positive light varying skin tones and hair textures. These topics and more are the type of conversations we should be having in order to raise the self esteem of the next generation. Natural hair is one of the biggest self-esteem boosts taking place and while it has its challenges due to the concept of good hair/bad hair; The bottom line of embracing ones natural hair is to embrace who you are completely. So this year of 2016 for me, its all about the black girls and women. I want to make sure I am impacting girls and women because without us the world would stop lol. So wishing you all a great new year and I want to give a shoutout to two websites I go to and adore when it comes to black women and girls: TheBlackGirlsClub, who wouldn’t want to join with a name so fierce? and BlackGirlsCode, who doesn’t want to see more of us in STEM?


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