BuzzFeed-“Our Hands Are Tied Because Of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing”

“We already feel bad enough because we’re all black. … We already have so much against us,” she said. “For once we’re trying to protect ourselves. It’s not even about race, but of course [black men] have to make it about race by wanting us to protect [them]. I said, I’m not doing that anymore.”

“[They’re] trying to protect Morehouse at the expense of Spelman, which doesn’t make any sense to me,” she said. “It’s just a really deep-rooted sense of protecting the black man. … But everyone is victimizing the black woman, and where is that narrative?”

The article linked below is about how sexual assaults against Black women are handled on HBCU campuses. The Historicall Black College and Universities mentioned are Spelman, an all girls school, and Morehouse, an all boys school. The two HBCU’s have a long intertwined history, but today that bond comes at the expense of Spelman woman who are sexually assaulted by their Morehouse brother’s. As usual crimes against Black woman are ignored or disregarded, but the pressure is even worse when the crime is done by her fellow brother. Two women’s struggle with receiving justice for their assault is detail and its sad and disgusting. Black women must be protected and thought of as important because we are. This article reminded me why its important we put a lot of time into our girls and young woman, why we must value them and in turn let them know they are valued. That if anything happen to them we will seek justice for them rather then place burdens on them and blame them when they are the victim. I can’t summarize this article enough, but this problem exists not just on HBCU’s but in this male dominated world. However, it does not me we accept this. These two women are remarkable for telling their stories and doing their part to help others who have been assaulted and are silent. Please read this article and share it.

“Our Hands Are Tied Because Of This Damn Brother-Sisterhood Thing”utm_term=.dbd1XEZQ8#.rj70QxM7j


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