Flint Water Crisis

They knew and said nothing, but if people say race is never a factor. This is why the Bible calls for us to protect and champion the cause of the poor. the way they are treated and disregarded as though they are not human is sad. Everyone involved in the coverup from high on down better be locked away for life. I don’t want to see any of these punk bastards going free. They are disgusting and should be made to drink that water pieces of trash.



The Flint Water Crisis (2014- ) is where Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan knowingly poisoned children, causing permanent brain damage in up to 8,000, two-thirds of them Black. The US government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew the water was unsafe – and did nothing.

Flint, a city 100 km north-west of Detroit, is the birthplace of General Motors. In the 1980s, GM started shutting down its factories there, throwing 75,000 people out of work. Flint lost 50% of its people and 75% of its tax base. Of those who remain, 40% live in poverty.

From 2003 to 2013, the state government cut nearly $55 million in revenue sharing with Flint.

rick-snyder.jpg Governor Rick Snyder

By 2011, the city was broke. The governor, Rick Snyder, a White, Tea Party Republican, took over Flint, a Black-majority city, the tenth most liberal city in the nation (think Michael Moore, who is from Flint)…

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