Boko Haram Attack kills 86 People

I have my own theories on Boko Haram, but facts remain: they are terrorizing Nigerian people. I don’t understand how they are so well weaponized or what rock they crawled out from under, but enough is enough. They need to be dealt with. In 2015, alone, Nigeria was attacked more than nine times by terrorist groups. Does Nigeria has some type of religious tension between Christians and Muslims? Yes but this is not what it used to be. These people, claiming Islam, are disrupting people’s way of life, killing people, and is a threat to Nigeria, so they need to be dealt with. This has nothing to do with religion, but power, greed, and corruption.

I am sick of hearing about their attacks and hearing what is not said: the Nigerian government is clueless on how to defeat them or deal with them. Nigeria needs to send a clear and I do mean clear message you cannot wreck havoc on Nigerian lives and live to do it again and again and again; forget that you got one time, only, then after that we bussin through the door blasting. May the soul of the dead rest in peace especially the children. These people are trying to cut off the future generation of Nigeria and that can’t be accepted. The article below just annoys me and makes me sick. I hope the injured can recover. You can read the article here: Survivor tells of Boko Haram attack killing 86 people including children 


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