Violence Against Women

I know I have made it clear that I am very much pro-women,pro-girls, and pro everything related to women. My main passion are African and Black women from all walks of life, but women in general matter to me a lot. Even though there are so many negative messages about women and being a woman, the truth is rarely told. Without women what would this world be? Seriously picture a world without women, such a depressing thought. Yet, the world acts as though it can continue without us.

I have read a tumblr page dedicated to the violence women have faced, personal and news stories, when they reject advances, say no, break up with or attempt to leave their abusers, or exert their right to defend themselves and their personal space. I have never understood this and yet even I have internalized the message that you gotta sooth a mans ego and be polite when telling him you don’t want him. It angers me when I find myself doing it because dudes have rarely been polite about turning down women. Yet, the fear of being harmed, cursed out, physically abused immediately enters our minds. The world is quick to tell us how to act, dress, walk and so on in order to not be treated like trash rather then tell men to not act like trash. For those who will look at this as male bashing, believe me you are not my intended audience.

I am upset and frustrated, and simply enraged at the stories I have read. How the fuck are people raising their children? Like you have husbands killing their own children to get back at their wives for divorcing them or leaving them; you have have women who are being shot for refusing to talk to men out on the street, because everyone is so full of Christ love; you have teens being raped and abused by their boyfriends, you have wives being raped and abused by their husbands. I am just so done with this shit. I am sick of it. I am sick of the misogny and the pricks and punks who thing women owe them anything. I don’t care of nice of a man you think you are, if you can’t take a woman telling you no in any circumstance you need to re-evaluate yourself and your so called “niceness.” From young these boys need to understand you are not entitled to a woman’s body, her attention, her time, her heart, or anything. When you bring up this fact guys quickly say, “But I can’t compliment her and tell her she looking good? I mean you took all that time to get dressed and I want to let her know her effort is appreciated.” Look LoveJones we can do without your comment. We dress for ourselves not your approval, you know how many guys I have seen who look good in dress and appearance and I don’t think to verbally compliment them and I am sure they are not dying since I didn’t. You don’t need to compliment a woman, trust your compliment is everlasting bread and water, she won’t die from a lack of it. For the women who do appreciate a compliment they will tell you that there is a line that should not be crossed. You don’t need to tell her, “you look so beautiful,” then follow up with, “You gotta man? What your man won’t let you have friends?” That is beyond a compliment that is on some (insert any race) type of stuff. These stories really hurt me because it shows that violence against woman happens at any age, violence against young girls happen at any age.

Because we never see the first sign or ignore the signs of psychotic men I want to give a tip to every young girl and woman: If a boy or man ever loses his cool on you for exercising your right to dump him, say no, or defend yourself; he is a danger to you. If a man ever tells you he will kill himself, you, your children, your family, or your friends if you leave him, dump him, or what have you; that is a man that will kill you.

I know this was long, but my gosh I can’t believe what is happening our here, you can check the link here: When Women Refuse.


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