African-American Vs. Black American

This is another issue that has had me scratching my head and saying foul things: the debate over whether black people in America should be called African-American or Black American. Some people said that since they know nothing of Africa, don’t speak the language, and never been, they are American, some say they are African as well as American, and some say they are simply black.

This topic always rubs me the wrong way because I am African and for years I have heard African-Americans that always denounce the African word, one time in school a girl’s mother had filled out an application for her and in the box to check off your race, the mother checked off the African-American/black box and underlined black. I shook my head and thought to myself what a dang on shame.

I don’t know and I don’t care what blacks in America want to call themselves because for the most part most of them have been brainwashed just like everyone else in the world, but yet they are the only ones complaining when it comes to being connected to Africa, their ancestor. I don’t hear Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, Koreans and other Asians upset with being called Asian-American. The same goes for whites from European countries. So what is it about the African part included that makes this debate such a problem?

One guy in a post said that to him African-American means an African from a country in Africa coming to America. I see where he is going with it, but I’m not supporting it, first thing first, Africans do not just say African-American, they say Nigerian-American, Ghanaian-American, Liberian-American and if not they just say Nigerian, Liberian, Ghanaian and so on.

The thing that gets me is that the moment an African says that they are not black it’s suddenly a problem, but vice versa its okay and I have experienced this personally and have heard many say I’m trying to be African, but I can’t try to be something I am. All I know is that the term black and white were created to divide and we all know that the term black holds a negative connotation: black friday, black plaque, black magic, black=dark-side, black is worn for funerals, and so on.

The very same people denouncing the word African in African-American are the very people who are press to claim Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kemet, Cleopatra, King Tut, and so on as black, but let’s be real these people and these ancient kingdoms and societies were AFRICAN, not black. Although people like to use African to describe whites and put them in the mix, it’s not happening, whenever I use the term African I mean the original people and we all know who they are and what they looked like.

For now call yourselves whatever you want, you can call yourself a good ole American if you want and see if it still stops the cops from putting a boot in your ass like they did Rodney King, executing you like they did Troy Davis, or assassinating your career like they did Michael Vick. Just to make it clear when my continent rises, cause believe me it will, I don’t want to see none of ya’ll asses start to claim it, I’m out.