Young Girl Brings History to Life

This post is just too cute for words. A father and daughter duo decides to dress up the daughter as women in history who have made their impact on America. I mean this is too cute for words. We must tell our girls about their place in history as young girls and young girls who will become women. So enjoy the picture below and you can check out the article in the link below. The little girls is too gorgeous for words.


Must-See: This Dad Took Photos of His Daughter Dressed as History-Making Women

Greenwood Massacre Survivor, Wes Young, dies at 97

I don’t know if I can post the whole article so I will post the beginning half and link to the rest. May the soul of this man and other survivors who have passed rest in peace, this is an important part of history that is not mentioned, but did happen. It’s a shame that they have not received reparations or justice, but we must keep their memory alive and bring them justice ourselves, because this cannot be swept under the rug any longer.


Wes Young

Wess H. Young Sr. 1921 Race Riot survivor, WW II Veteran, Father, Grandfather,  great-grandfather and friend passed this afternoon, September 30, 2014 at 4:00 pm in Dallas, Texas. He was surrounded by his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. His wife of 60+ years, Cathryn J. Young passed December 1, 2013. Mr. Young was 97 years old.  Mr. Young was a great man,  a true warrior and patriot.  It was a great pleasure getting to know and represent him in our attempts to get justice for him and the other survivors who now number below 50.  Below is a summary of the 1921 Greenwood Massacre a/k/a The Tulsa Race Riot

Black Wallstreet

On May 31 and June 1 1921, a mob of  over 2000 Whites, under the protection of city and state law, pillaged and destroyed during the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history. The terrorist mob destroyed 36 square blocks killed upwards of 1000 people, and left 10,000 Blacks homeless, destitute, and traumatized. Afterwards city and state officials condone this terrorism, blamed the innocent Blacks, and instituted a cover-up so successful the horrors of the Greenwood Massacre were effectively blotted out of history for almost 80 years. In fact, the cover-up was so successful that while going to school on Greenwood Street, I never once heard about the bombing!!!

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What to do?

Rekia Boyd, Reneisha McBride, Aiyana Jones, Troy Davis, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and now Michael Brown. These are the names, with the exception of Troy Davis, of people who have been gunned down police or a faux police officer. How many more people have to die before we admit that law enforcement is full of racist officers who look at Blacks as not citizens, but criminals in the making?

The police during the March on Wall Street have proven, they are here to serve and protect those with money and Blacks are not on that list, unless you are clearly Lebron James or some other athletic figure. So what do we do? Now people are marching, protesting, and rioting. I don’t condemn the rioters because this is what happens when people are tired of history repeating itself. Black people have been killed without a second glance since the slave trade began and it continues now.

I don’t focus or pay attention to “New Blacks,” those agents “Rap artists”, and all those other we shall overcome people who have drank the Kool-Aid: “racism is dead in America.” All the “isms” that plague this country like the locusts plague Egypt have not disappeared. The main reason is because people would rather lie and pretend then face a hard truth; “nothing has changed.”

What people fought for back in the day has come to fruition but a lot of it has not. Anyone walking out in this world feeding their child Disney happy endings is doing their child a disservice. The music, which isn’t the only ill, is telling them to do stuff to get locked up and run from the cops, while denying the existence that you can be shot simply for breathing.

My folks always said that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” ignorance of what it means to Black in America is no excuse because a bullet can end up in you either way. I have said it before and I will say it again, there needs to be a deep psychological reprogramming of the police force and Americans as a whole.

A police officer cannot serve and protect with their gun when they are bias. What do you get when you add: police officer + racist+ gun= what we have going on now. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These cops are not here for us and will shoot us if they feel threatened, not whether or not they are actually threatened.

I don’t believe I will be teaching my child to run to the cops for anything because of what may be done to them. It is a long running joke that cops are criminals, every cop show has a crooked cop in it, and art imitates life, except we have police all over the 50 states waging war on unarmed black people as though lynching is coming back in style.

Not all cops are like this, just like all politicians are not dishonest crooks, but guess which stereotype thrives when 99.9% act like heathens. So what do we do? What do we do when we have to not just watch out for who our kids hang with, but the flashing police lights that want to stop them just because they are “too black?”

The names above who have died are lives that could have been saved. These innocent lives are lost while the Colorado movie theater shooter is still alive, and I’m sure a book deal and movie deal is coming his way, the Boston bombers, who caused much suffering, is still alive and even got a cover on Rolling Stone.

Yet, people are shocked at how America can sit back and defend Israel when they are killing innocent Palestinians. America can do this because they massacre people within their own borders and not think twice about it, why would thy not support their equal, Israel?

So now we know that we must protect our kids, but how do we do that? We do that by protecting our own neighborhoods, cops are not there for us, they already have prejudged us, and they won’t think twice to treat us like a first-person shooter game, without a reset button.

So we defend our neighborhoods physically, if a cop comes in there willing to shoot, he needs to have just as many guns pointed back at him. Notice they are not shooting armed people, but unarmed people, people they know have not weapons to defend themselves. No cop is going to act irrational when he does not have the police power to back him up, unless he wants to die, and surprisingly considering their job, they don’t want to die.

A scenario like this protects an innocent life. People simmer down when they are outmatched and police officers are no different. I would love to see these officers bust into West Virginia or the rural parts, where they know the people are heavily armed, but they wouldn’t because they know 1,000 guns would be pointed at their heads.

Physically defense of our neighborhoods is not the only way to protect our neighborhoods, we must be very careful of who we elect to office, meaning not every Black politician will get our vote and every white and other politicians, will need to prove that they are non-racist and truly for us. If they switch up once in office, then we pull the house of cards down and get them tossed out.

The trick to this is to look at their language, how do they talk about Black people and black neighborhoods, do not get caught up in the new issue of the week that seems to pop up every presidential run, every governor run, or ever mayor run. Every big election has some huge issue attached to it: it was homosexual’s wanting to marry, and then it was universal health care, and so on and so on. These issues are used to gain money and support, but they do not help us in the least. They do not focus on us or tell us how we and our interest will be protected.

On Wall Street every group you can think of have lobbyists: Tobacco, Israel, Latinos, Farmers, car manufactures, Health insurance companies, Google, and more, but Black people have no lobbyists and it is hurting us. We need to lobby and we need more lobbyists whose focus is just for us and not for others, head nod to you NAACP. You don’t see Israel lobbyists focused on anything but Israel, they are not focused on LGBT, Latinos, or anyone else, they are focused on their interests and that’s why our government is scrambling to give them over $22 Million dollars in foreign aid to kill more Palestinians.

Another focus should be on whose pockets we are lining with our money. If you are not for us you do not get our money, it’s that simple. Many businesses are run by racist CEOs, executives, and owners; they could care less about Black life, so we make them. If any owner or CEO is funding the bail of or supporting someone who kills a black person, then we do not buy any of their products. We ban them from our homes; we make sure the markets in our neighborhoods do not hold them, but not buying them. No one likes losing money, there is a reason why Jesus told the rich of his day to not overcharge people, and the rich haven’t changed. They are consumed by a greed that is never satisfied and we should use that to our advantage.

Understand that we should be for self and no one will make us feel bad for it. People are quick to come to Blacks and label us racist while making deals behind closed doors, again their people are not the ones being gunned down in the street in every day ending in “y.”

Last but least we must not forget these names nor must we let these people get away with taking bright lives away from our community. Do your research, be the change, talk to your children, and kids focus on the news. Don’t believe anyone that tells you, you are in a post-racial America, that these black names did something to cause their death, and don’t believe any music that tells you to go jail, when you will end up in a body bag before you can make it to jail.

This is all I have to say, R.I.P to all the innocent lives lost to racist officers and racism in America.

The Faces of Mental Illness

Just two days ago, I posted up an article about the superb actor Lee Young Thompson, who is famous for “The Famous Jet Jackson,” playing Cyborg on “Smallville,” and his current work “Rizzoli & Isles,” passing away. The fact of this death is that it was a suicide. The first question is always why?

  • Why did he kill himself?

Then comes what?

  • What led him to take his life?
  • What made him think taking his life was the solution?
  • What made him do this?
  • What was he battling?

All questions lead back to why

  • Why didn’t he seek treatment?
  • Why didn’t he think about the people he would hurt?
  • Why didn’t he talk to someone?

All these questions can never be answered because he is not here to answer them. Nothing is worse than being left with unanswered questions. However, mental illness is a serious problem. The popular face of mental illness is usually white and female, but that is not the only face of mental illness.

The face of mental illness can be Africans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native-Americans and more.

But the face that seemed the most shunned is Africans and African-Americans. There is a stigma tied to mental illness and depending on the background of the people with mental illness, they will refuse to seek treatment because of shame.

The history of Africans stolen and brought to the shores of current day America has been one of pain and struggle. To the point that the belief that Black women and men are strong and naturally bred for the harshest conditions has created a system that cannot recognize black pain or victimhood.

What does this have to do with mental illnesses?

This same system has created the myth that black people do not hurt, cannot hurt, and are super strong. This detrimental stereotype has led to black pain being trivialized, viewed as comedy, invincible, and ignored even by other black people.

How many times have you heard, “therapy is for white people,” “mental illness is for white people,” and so on.

These common held beliefs are false; with everything black people have suffered in this country, our pain is real and is deep and needs healing. The disbelief about mental illness being seen as a disease that doesn’t affect black people is born from our pain being trivialized.

The face of mental illness can be and is black and we must have an open discussion about it. We must break down the harsh myths about how mental illness affects the blackness, femininity of black women, and masculinity of black men. It is okay to seek help, to seek therapy. It is okay to need help.

I understand black people who are hesitant to accept medical help from doctors and nurses and hospitals because of the history of black people in America being used as test experiments.

I truly do ask that if anyone, especially my black women and men are experiencing any form of mental illness, please seek help. If you believe that you have no purpose on this earth, I beg you to reconsider. If you feel as though all hope is lost and the tunnel is darker and closing in, I plead with you to keep trucking. If you do not have a support system, people who understand, I ask you to look for a group that understands what you are going through. If you have a church and they have programs catered to helping with mental illness, I beg you to join and talk to someone who you truly believe can help you.

If you have the money and need someone to talk to, I beg you to please seek out a psychologist and if you don’t feel comfortable with the first one, don’t lose hope, keep looking until you find one that you are comfortable with.

Lee Young Thompson’s death hurt because there are so many children, teens, adults, and seniors who feel like him and believe that suicide is the only way out; it’s not.

I won’t pretend to understand mental illness because I do not know what it’s like to fight against yourself 24/7, but I do know what it’s like to feel like the world would be better without you in it or feeling down and out. I won’t lie God helped me, but I had to meet him halfway.

If anyone knows anyone suffering from mental illness and know any websites or avenues that helped them please list them in the comment section.

R.I.P Lee Young Thompson, you have left your mark on this world and will always be remembered and missed.

*****Also please do not try to become a therapist to someone with mental illness without the proper degree, educational knowledge, or effective experience.*****

Below I am placing articles concerning mental illness:

Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant

In 2009, a young man named Oscar Grant was savagely murdered for no reason. He was unarmed, he cooperated with the police, and was even trying to calm his other friends down; however, for whatever reason the two cops that worked for the BART station shot the man leaving his 4-year-old daughter fatherless. The video of the shooting is here. Once the footage went viral, a large amount of people began protesting for the murderer, Johannes Mehserle, to not only lose his job, but to be put behind bars for life. To the anger and disappointment of many Mehserle received a slap on the wrist, having to serve only two years in jail. This news angered people and again a protest happened.

However, the main disappointment came yesterday when news that Oscar Grant’s killer was going to be released after serving eleven months of his two year sentence. This is where I ask for you to really read my words and understand the pain of this news. A monster in a cop uniform, a monster with a license to kill, a racist monster murdered in cold blood an innocent man and he is punished as though he spilled some milk. This is unacceptable; this is not what “America” prides itself on. Oscar Grant is the victim, his family and his daughter who is probably 6 years old right now are victims of a system that refuses to see justice served. How would you explain to his daughter that her dad was killed and the monster that did it got away scott-free?

There is no right way to explain this to her because her country has told her that her father’s life is not of value, that her father’s life is not worthy for justice to be served over; despite not being related to Oscar Grant, as an African in America, his story clutches at my heart strings because America has just shown exactly what type of country is has been since the Europeans invaded it.

The reason that animal Mehserle got off is because he is white and he killed a black man. Anyone that wants to make excuses should leave now because this is not the blog for you. I don’t know why people especially black people are acting as though racism has magically disappeared because it hasn’t. Just 50 years ago we had the freedom riders having to go through hell and back just to sit in the front of the bus! America does not care for the black man or black woman! Heck they don’t care for people of color period! Remember Arizona? Yeah I thought so.

Since slavery black men were hung and castrated, black woman were raped and went through various forms of abuse all with America either making laws that supported it or giving the offenders a pass. Well it’s time for us to not let another Oscar Grant situation happen. This is our time to speak up and demand that America hear us or else she will not like the consequences. The days of being helpless are over; we built America to be what it is now (see how those white politicians start sweating when talks of reparations begin?) So why would we let her kill our children? I say to hell with that.

There is a petition going on now that is spreading requiring the signing of people to not let that monster see the light of day and I would hope that people would sign it. We need to wake up, America is slowly but surely going back to its racist roots and don’t think having a Black President means anything because at the end of the day the policies are the same, but it’s the faces on it that change. Simply put, President Barrack is a black face on white policies as a way to help get “his kind” on board.

Blacks in America and Blacks around the world, we have a voice and we have resources, we have the power to make sure we are heard. The time of hoping and wishing, and waiting is over, the time of seeking America’s approval is over, the mentality of “if you can’t beat them, join them” is over. Due to us chasing the material nonsense shoved down our throats we help America gross in practically billons or trillions of dollars when it comes to consumer items, be it fast food, cars, designer clothes, handbags, shoes, anything of luxury you name it. So why can’t we use this to our power?

I refuse to help a country that refuses to help me or my kind. Oscar Grant is one of the many blacks that have been unfairly killed; do you remember Emmet Till, Christopher Foster, Aiyana Jones, and the countless others?

So please sign the petition created by, you have to sign up to sign it, we cannot let another innocent youth pass away and keep silent on it. Oscar Grant could be your son (eldest, youngest, or in the middle), your brother, your uncle, your father, your best friend, your husband, or your cousin.

One of JFK’s famous quotes is “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I wish someone would have asked him when he said that, “Why should one do for a country that refuses to do for them?”