Congress/Business Want to Control the Internet

In all the books you read about the internet the main point that they stress is that the internet is free and no one person or thing can control the world-wide web not even the government. Well the government wants to put that to the test and have created the SOPA and PIPA bills that have been voted on in the House and the Senate. These bills are hoping to be made into laws and they are not internet-user friendly in the least.

Both laws are said to be used to help stop the pirating of American movies and to help keep the safe the creative work of internet users, which is all bulls**t. The pirating of American movies have been going on for years, so why now is there something to be done about it? These bills are a trick they are not for what they say they are for. Under these bills one can be taken to court to have their site shut down for no reason. Why would that be? These business people already control every form of communication that there is: music, television, movies, video games, newspaper, and more, now they want to control the internet as well and we cannot let them.

You would think that the Congress women and men, in both chambers, would be more busy cheating on their spouses than trying to pass idiotic laws, but sadly that’s not the case.

I can already guess which sites will be shut down if these bills are made into laws, the sites that tell you just how corrupt the American government is and how the citizens of American need to hold their government responsible for their acts and make them answer to them. I support operation blackout, what I call it, and hopefully you will too,

Here are the links to two sites that have talked about these laws: this one you can click the petition to sign Abagond and this one has goes detail about it Vigilant.