Arizona is in Full white noise Mode

I take a break only to come back to more stupidity, but I’ll start with the “lovely” Arizona. So a few days ago an Arizona lawmaker thought it would be a good idea for there to be a white people appreciation day. Wait that’s not even the worse part, some Arizona residents actually agreed with him, still not worse yet, and tried to say that since Mexicans have Cinco de Mayo than they should have a day for themselves, that’s the worse.

This argument of white history month and white appreciation never fails to take place in February, during Black History Month, and I find this to be deliberate. I will say it now and forever, white people do not deserve any appreciation month or day, since we learn about you people and your false history everyday, 365 to be exact; 366 on a leap year, from elementary school all the way up to high school. 

Then again what exactly should be celebrated about white people? The fact that they believe the lie that Columbus “discovered” a place that had millions of families already living there, the lie that Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kemet rulers were white, the fact that they colonized country’s, that they engaged  in slavery, raped women, men, and children, performed illegal experiments on those they deemed inferior, and fucked up the mentality of 90% of the POCs in the world and the cause for global warming.

There is nothing to be celebrated about them so they can sit down somewhere; I find this very interesting that for the very people who are quick to want to sweep the racist and current racist history of America under the rug they sure have no problem wanting to celebrate the fuckery.

White people, for those that believe they deserve a day or month, shut up and open your school textbook all we learn about is you, we live under a system that promotes you and is run by you, you guys are already rewriting textbooks to hide what your great-grandfathers did, so please just stop. No person of color is going to side with this type of month, you have no sympathy among people who are forced to swallow your nonsense.

Arizona also denied for Hispanics to learn their true history because it would cause anti-white feelings. Say what now? Come on Arizona don’t you ever get tired of these games? You are the same state that wanted to play rock, paper, deportation with the Hispanics in your state and now you want to tell them just what they should learn? Smh

I now see why they went through so much to try to deport all those “illegal” Hispanics, they wanted to decrease their number, now it all makes sense. But Arizona doesn’t understand one thing: push a lion into a corner and it will fight back. A group of Hispanic kids flipped them the bird and told them that they don’t need them to finance an ethnic studies because they will create their own.

*wipes tears* This is just beautiful right here and I cannot help but to be excited. These kids are not playing games because they know the importance of knowing ones true history, as a man going off during an event said, “No one will give you greatness, but they will try to take it away.”