Find Our Missing

Find Our Missing is a TV show on TVone that premiered earlier this year. The show is new, but it brings awareness to the lack of attention focused on missing children of color. I am thankful that the show has been made and is being used as a vital tool to get out the stories of missing kids that are unknown to many people in America. Before there was Find Our Missing, there was the Black and Missing foundation an active organization that continues to help bring home as many missing children as possible and constantly updates on missing persons. Black and Missing has a facebook and twitter, which I know of, and I’m sure they have countless other sites.

Personally I am iffy on technology, but technology can be used for amazing means and it has been used to help locate missing children through various websites. Every time I see the word missing tied to a person’s picture it makes me think heavily and gets me down because the likelihood of national coverage is slim. But like I said Find Our Missing, Black and Missing, and other organizations are not waiting for the media to pick up the stories they are doing it themselves and with an amazing track record.

I type this long message to say this: Thank you, the more kids found the more hope I have in knowing that people do care about what happens to all kids in this world no matter what.

Make sure to check out Find Our Missing it airs on Tvone and you can go to and for Black and Missing

Also shout outs to the View for the segment on missing black kids and aiding in the finding of Mishell-Nicole Green.