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What is a Homestead exactly? The legal definition is: A person’s permanent home or property that includes the land on which the home stands on and other adjoining building or property. My simple definition is: Living independently (as much as possible) by doing for self. Growing up in the islands, we […]

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Self-Defense Class in the DMV Area July 22



I am all for women, especially Black women from all walks of life, knowing how to defend themselves in everyday life. There are enough stats of missing girls and women within the DMV area alone that is staggering and hits close to home. My sister pushed me to take a self-defense class and I thank her for it because it showed me how much strength I had that I didn’t know and how poor my boundaries were. I would silently suffer while people crossed boundaries that made me feel red hot angry. But boundaries are about self preservation. If someone crosses them it activates our fight or flight response. And I am still learning to enforce those boundaries I have learned. But for those who are confused and unsure there is a Self-Defense class taking place on Andrews AFB from 9:30am-12:30pm. You can purchase tickets and find more detail on the link above. The price of learning to protect yourself and your loved ones is priceless.

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