Greenwood Massacre Survivor, Wes Young, dies at 97

I don’t know if I can post the whole article so I will post the beginning half and link to the rest. May the soul of this man and other survivors who have passed rest in peace, this is an important part of history that is not mentioned, but did happen. It’s a shame that they have not received reparations or justice, but we must keep their memory alive and bring them justice ourselves, because this cannot be swept under the rug any longer.


Wes Young

Wess H. Young Sr. 1921 Race Riot survivor, WW II Veteran, Father, Grandfather,  great-grandfather and friend passed this afternoon, September 30, 2014 at 4:00 pm in Dallas, Texas. He was surrounded by his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. His wife of 60+ years, Cathryn J. Young passed December 1, 2013. Mr. Young was 97 years old.  Mr. Young was a great man,  a true warrior and patriot.  It was a great pleasure getting to know and represent him in our attempts to get justice for him and the other survivors who now number below 50.  Below is a summary of the 1921 Greenwood Massacre a/k/a The Tulsa Race Riot

Black Wallstreet

On May 31 and June 1 1921, a mob of  over 2000 Whites, under the protection of city and state law, pillaged and destroyed during the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history. The terrorist mob destroyed 36 square blocks killed upwards of 1000 people, and left 10,000 Blacks homeless, destitute, and traumatized. Afterwards city and state officials condone this terrorism, blamed the innocent Blacks, and instituted a cover-up so successful the horrors of the Greenwood Massacre were effectively blotted out of history for almost 80 years. In fact, the cover-up was so successful that while going to school on Greenwood Street, I never once heard about the bombing!!!

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Jealousy & Competition

Jealousy and competition is something in my eyes that go hand-in-hand especially in our society. The disunity among women of all races for petty grievances is something that continues to plague women especially in America, but this epidemic, yes it is an epidemic, is something that starts from young. As kids we don’t really know how to articulate ourselves, but we know the feeling we felt when the cute little boy we had a crush on would sit next to “that girl,” share his crayons with her or even give her the dessert in his lunchbox. The feeling starts as jealousy and slowly but surely turns into a competition of attempting to get his attention, be it getting the seat next to him, offering to share crayons with him, or what have you and all in all there is a feeling of contempt toward the girl.

Now as we get older the theme of jealousy and competition continues, but instead it evolves into other areas of our life, such as friendships, family, work, and relationships,  but most of it continues to center around some guy or man that we like. When it centers on a guy it seems as though women get more defensive, nastier, and more destructive. They either give the women dirty looks, make certain comments about her, and at times are bold enough to even downright disrespect the woman who the guy is interested in. Now there is always the scenario that both women are doing the sabotaging to one another. However, it is both sad and disturbing.

The media of course plays off this and in some cases fuel it, but most of the time is the cause of it. Many children especially young girls watch television and the main target audience are teenagers, hence why teen dramas, which are mostly ridiculous in itself, are so popular and last for so many seasons. In these shows, there is constant competition and jealousy between various female characters toward the main female character or vice versa over….. Yes you name it a guy. They sabotage one another to the point that someone gets injured or hurt, heres looking at you Degrassi, or someone gets killed due to a joke based off jealousy that escalates. Now I will admit I would catch some episodes of the various TV shows that showcased the nonsense and it honestly painted a very unpleasant picture, one I’m sure was placed in the mind of other young girls that watched.

Imagine watching all these shows that surrounded high school, and you are not in high school yet, you will most likely expect your high school experience to be just like what was on the show, you expect the drama, but worse than that, the thought that a girl must compete with other girls to be the most popular, most beautiful, and so on is etched into the mind of these girls. The seed has been placed, set, and planted. Now I’m not saying it’s the TV shows fault completely, but they do play a crucial part in the process. From my experience, I had dealt with girls that were just beyond ridiculous, for me it was based on a lot of different reasons, but it all boils down to jealousy and competition.

They either thought I wanted the guy the wanted, even though the guy would simply be my friend, or felt that I was acting as though I was better than them, something I do not understand since I’m one that mostly sticks to myself, but either way there was always unnecessary drama that seriously was not needed. But this is a common scene that I see playing toward many other girls. One time on the Tyra Show, she was talking about hating, which consist of jealousy and gave an example of how a girl can have a bag that is very nice looking, but some other girls who see it will say something about the bag being distasteful, when they know they would get it themselves if they could. This is a mentality that a lot of women have, whether teenager or adult and it seems as though it is something that will continue to be taught to younger children.

Just a few months ago, a 12-year-old girl was beaten so badly that she ended up in a coma and it was by six people, a girl her age and adult women. The 13-year-old involve in jumping the girl, had thrown a birthday party and her mother had seen her boyfriend kiss the 12-year-old on the cheek, so the mother told her to handle her business and as a result the poor girl was beaten up, and the 13-years-old mother was one of the adults that aided in sending the poor girl into a coma. This is sad beyond belief because already the girl is taught to be jealous of any girl that comes near her boyfriend and to view her as competition that needs to be taken out; she’s 13 and that relationship will have a 9/10 chance of not lasting long anyway.

But in the end its the two evils of the world that continue to plague women and sadly enough I don’t see it ending, J&C has almost every woman blind, deaf, and dumb.