NYDailyNews: Over 12 Missing Teen Bronx Girls Raise Concerns of Possible Abduction and Forced Prostitution

As a community we must be on the look out for children and the children in our vicinity. There is no reason why this trend of abducted young girls have not reach media airwaves. The girls are young, the article stated, between the ages of 12-19 years old and they are predominately African American and Hispanic. There is no surprise about the lack of coverage concerning missing children of color. But there are too many missing and not enough attention placed on their case. This is so sad, because these young children are being preyed upon and it’s not right. No monster should be able to abduct kids and possibly force them into prostitution. There has to be something we can do. I don’t know if its calling our kids while they are walking to their destination, teaching them how to be aware of their surroundings, ensuring someone is home when they get home, maybe even driving them to where they need to go. I just want kids to be safe.

“More than a dozen teenage girls from the Bronx have been reported missing over the last two years — and a City Councilman fears they may have been abducted and forced into a prostitution ring.

The list of missing girls released Wednesday by Councilman Andy King is long enough to fill the roster of a softball team.

But King fears the girls suffered a far worse fate, and is appealing to the public to help get the word out.”

You can read the details of the article here: 12-teen-bronx-girls-missing-pol-fears-abduction-article-


NYPD You are a racist coward!

“In New York, concrete jungles where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do” except get justice when you are assaulted by a bunch of racist. I can’t even begin to summarize this story, but I will give you an intro: Two young men are walking home when they are assaulted for no reason, by a group of 10-12 cowards. The police are called thanks to a bystander and the young men are taken to the hospital suffering severe bruises. The police arrive only to do nothing and later on closed the case, while lying about why they closed the case. God is so good that the story receives attention from Fox news and 4 days later the NYPD suddenly want to investigate the situation, well aren’t we glad for their change of heart?

I just can’t understand how this is okay. Now had these two men had a weapon and blew those men away, not that I condone violence, but let’s be real, the cops would have taken them to jail instead of the cowards that assaulted. This plain and simple was a hate crime; I notice that when black people are assaulted by whites the media and the police never call it a hate crime, but let something happen to anyone else they quickly slap the label, hate crime, on it. I’m tired of this, we are not anyone’s punching bag or target practice, and we are living and breathing human beings. I just thank God that the two men are alive and that there was a witness along with evidence and footage. I will link you to the story and update.

Also the young lady whose boyfriend this happened to asked about anyone that has information on facial fractures and medical referrals, please if you know anyone or have any information please, please reach out to them and help them.

The story can be read here: http://urbanbushbabes.com/2013/05/my-boyfriend-his-twin-brother-were-brutally-innocently-attacked-by-10-11-men-in-manhattan-nypd-closes-case-immediately-without-investigation/

The update can be read here: http://urbanbushbabes.com/2013/05/update-fox-5-ny-news-coverage-of-brutal-attack-against-my-boyfriend-his-brother-in-manhattan/

Missing: Sabrina Malone

The New York City Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding a missing woman who was last seen on Monday, May 4 inside a Cobble Hill home.

Sabrina Malone, 27, was last seen at approximately 8:30 p.m. inside a Columbia Street home located near Kane Street.

Malone stands approximately 5-foot-3, weighing 155 pounds, with brown eyes, long curly black hair and a tattoo on her hand.

She was last seen wearing blue sneakers, a gray sweatshirt and gray jeans.

Anyone with information in regards to this missing is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto Crime Stoppers’ website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to CRIMES (274637), then enter TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

Woman Goes Missing on Columbia Street – Top News – Fort Greene-Clinton Hill, NY Patch

Missing: Mishell-Nicole Green (Update)

I want so badly to get every missing kid and person but without knowing again I am at a huge loss. Sixteen year-old Mishell-Nicole Green went missing September 8, 2011. The first hour is always crucial and its been less than a week, so this is severly important. She was supposed to be starting her first day of school at a school in New York and was not seen. Flyers have been posted along with the news station in the Tri-state area running her story, but so far nothing. Everytime I come across a missing person, child or adult, my throat closes up because of how easy it is to see our daughters, sons, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and people we love and care about end up missing. I can definitely say that it hurts more when not a lot of coverage is given, or the coverage is only local rather than national. I am stating that any missing story I come across I will blog about and bring it to your attention and to the people I know and the whole online universe, as long as more than the people in that local area knows.

I want Ms. Green to be found and I can’t stress that enough. I want every missing person to be found. I am rambling and I am sorry. Read where I found out about her from here. I am glad that the local news in the Tri-state area is covering her story and the school has been posting flyers and more, so it’s not like there is complete silence on her.

Again the information along with this picture and the info I got from the link provided above. So again I ask you guys to please spread the word especially to those in the Tri-state area. I pray that she is found safe. I would hope that the news on the both the states in the East and West coast will cover this especially everywhere, but again I am not holding my breath. In News Writing we learned that people are mostly concerned with news based on proximity, but this is something that is not “oh poor girl and her family,” and go on about your business, this is something that you try to put out there, so please help and make sure the information about her is brought to a lot of people’s attention.

She was found!!!!!!!!!!!! Mishell-Nicole Green was found!!!!!!!!! thanks to a segment on the View. See this just gives me hope all over again. Thank you God, I pray that she is okay completely. Yay she was found! Thanks to all who clicked and searched and viewed the this post and most importantly thanks to Black and Missing they do an amazing job with helping to make sure kids are found. 🙂

Special Post: Urgent Rachel Tanibajeva (Update)


I’m not too much in the mind frame to try to put this together as best that I can. Rachel is a 10-year-old in New York that went missing at 10 am today. She was last seen at the corner of Fulton Street and Throop Avenue. She had on blue Jeans, flip-flops, green button up short-sleeved polo shirt, and a  grey jacket.  All this info along with the picture was on Yourblackworld.com. One person asked if the national press had gotten a hold on the story yet; however, we all know how that will go. The media is more concerned with the missing Aruba woman so I won’t expect any surprises. However, I feel as though we as people need to not wait for the media to do something before we do something. This girl has been missing since 10 this morning and its now 11:02 at night. I want very badly to get her back home and safe, like the article mentioned the first 24-hours are crucial. Please anyone and everyone please put the message out there, a young girl is missing and she could very much be your own child. Shes only 10 and her family has already stated that this is not like her and I cannot imagine the grief that they are going through. So please lets start being active NOW, get her back home, and/or start a search party for her. Please I beg you please forward this to everyone especially those in New York that know the street and avenue in which she was taken, or the area. Please if anyone saw anything please contact RachelMissing@gmail.com.

Rachel Tanibajeva
 Update: Rachel has been found by police and she is safe. Thank you God! Also thank you to the ones that viewed and shed light. Here