What to do?

Rekia Boyd, Reneisha McBride, Aiyana Jones, Troy Davis, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and now Michael Brown. These are the names, with the exception of Troy Davis, of people who have been gunned down police or a faux police officer. How many more people have to die before we admit that law enforcement is full of racist officers who look at Blacks as not citizens, but criminals in the making?

The police during the March on Wall Street have proven, they are here to serve and protect those with money and Blacks are not on that list, unless you are clearly Lebron James or some other athletic figure. So what do we do? Now people are marching, protesting, and rioting. I don’t condemn the rioters because this is what happens when people are tired of history repeating itself. Black people have been killed without a second glance since the slave trade began and it continues now.

I don’t focus or pay attention to “New Blacks,” those agents “Rap artists”, and all those other we shall overcome people who have drank the Kool-Aid: “racism is dead in America.” All the “isms” that plague this country like the locusts plague Egypt have not disappeared. The main reason is because people would rather lie and pretend then face a hard truth; “nothing has changed.”

What people fought for back in the day has come to fruition but a lot of it has not. Anyone walking out in this world feeding their child Disney happy endings is doing their child a disservice. The music, which isn’t the only ill, is telling them to do stuff to get locked up and run from the cops, while denying the existence that you can be shot simply for breathing.

My folks always said that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” ignorance of what it means to Black in America is no excuse because a bullet can end up in you either way. I have said it before and I will say it again, there needs to be a deep psychological reprogramming of the police force and Americans as a whole.

A police officer cannot serve and protect with their gun when they are bias. What do you get when you add: police officer + racist+ gun= what we have going on now. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These cops are not here for us and will shoot us if they feel threatened, not whether or not they are actually threatened.

I don’t believe I will be teaching my child to run to the cops for anything because of what may be done to them. It is a long running joke that cops are criminals, every cop show has a crooked cop in it, and art imitates life, except we have police all over the 50 states waging war on unarmed black people as though lynching is coming back in style.

Not all cops are like this, just like all politicians are not dishonest crooks, but guess which stereotype thrives when 99.9% act like heathens. So what do we do? What do we do when we have to not just watch out for who our kids hang with, but the flashing police lights that want to stop them just because they are “too black?”

The names above who have died are lives that could have been saved. These innocent lives are lost while the Colorado movie theater shooter is still alive, and I’m sure a book deal and movie deal is coming his way, the Boston bombers, who caused much suffering, is still alive and even got a cover on Rolling Stone.

Yet, people are shocked at how America can sit back and defend Israel when they are killing innocent Palestinians. America can do this because they massacre people within their own borders and not think twice about it, why would thy not support their equal, Israel?

So now we know that we must protect our kids, but how do we do that? We do that by protecting our own neighborhoods, cops are not there for us, they already have prejudged us, and they won’t think twice to treat us like a first-person shooter game, without a reset button.

So we defend our neighborhoods physically, if a cop comes in there willing to shoot, he needs to have just as many guns pointed back at him. Notice they are not shooting armed people, but unarmed people, people they know have not weapons to defend themselves. No cop is going to act irrational when he does not have the police power to back him up, unless he wants to die, and surprisingly considering their job, they don’t want to die.

A scenario like this protects an innocent life. People simmer down when they are outmatched and police officers are no different. I would love to see these officers bust into West Virginia or the rural parts, where they know the people are heavily armed, but they wouldn’t because they know 1,000 guns would be pointed at their heads.

Physically defense of our neighborhoods is not the only way to protect our neighborhoods, we must be very careful of who we elect to office, meaning not every Black politician will get our vote and every white and other politicians, will need to prove that they are non-racist and truly for us. If they switch up once in office, then we pull the house of cards down and get them tossed out.

The trick to this is to look at their language, how do they talk about Black people and black neighborhoods, do not get caught up in the new issue of the week that seems to pop up every presidential run, every governor run, or ever mayor run. Every big election has some huge issue attached to it: it was homosexual’s wanting to marry, and then it was universal health care, and so on and so on. These issues are used to gain money and support, but they do not help us in the least. They do not focus on us or tell us how we and our interest will be protected.

On Wall Street every group you can think of have lobbyists: Tobacco, Israel, Latinos, Farmers, car manufactures, Health insurance companies, Google, and more, but Black people have no lobbyists and it is hurting us. We need to lobby and we need more lobbyists whose focus is just for us and not for others, head nod to you NAACP. You don’t see Israel lobbyists focused on anything but Israel, they are not focused on LGBT, Latinos, or anyone else, they are focused on their interests and that’s why our government is scrambling to give them over $22 Million dollars in foreign aid to kill more Palestinians.

Another focus should be on whose pockets we are lining with our money. If you are not for us you do not get our money, it’s that simple. Many businesses are run by racist CEOs, executives, and owners; they could care less about Black life, so we make them. If any owner or CEO is funding the bail of or supporting someone who kills a black person, then we do not buy any of their products. We ban them from our homes; we make sure the markets in our neighborhoods do not hold them, but not buying them. No one likes losing money, there is a reason why Jesus told the rich of his day to not overcharge people, and the rich haven’t changed. They are consumed by a greed that is never satisfied and we should use that to our advantage.

Understand that we should be for self and no one will make us feel bad for it. People are quick to come to Blacks and label us racist while making deals behind closed doors, again their people are not the ones being gunned down in the street in every day ending in “y.”

Last but least we must not forget these names nor must we let these people get away with taking bright lives away from our community. Do your research, be the change, talk to your children, and kids focus on the news. Don’t believe anyone that tells you, you are in a post-racial America, that these black names did something to cause their death, and don’t believe any music that tells you to go jail, when you will end up in a body bag before you can make it to jail.

This is all I have to say, R.I.P to all the innocent lives lost to racist officers and racism in America.

GA You are out of your Mind!!!!!!

When Ray Charles sang of Georgia, it always made me smile and hum along although I knew nothing about the state. However, I do know that the state is run by idiots. Troy Davis was denied clemency by the parole board. For what reason? I get that a police officer was murdered, but what justice is there in his death if an innocent man is killed for it? This may sound harsh, but I’m through with being polite; I do not care an ounce for the police officers family that is grieving because they do not deserve an ounce of my care. I get that they are grieving, but if evidence is coming forth that Davis is innocent than they should heed it or at least think about it. But no they are screaming “Justice!” off the top of their lungs but they are forgetting to put the (in) in front of it. They do not want justice they want closure and there is a difference between the two.

Justice is when you want the one that did the crime to be punished, following?

Closure is when you do not care who gets punished as long as someone gets punished.

The two are not interchangeable at all. The lady and her son say that they believe Davis did it, they believe what they want to believe. I did not know that the case had been going on since 1989, that is a long time. Not only was Davis stripped of his life, he was stripped of his freedom, his rights, and everything that God gives a man. Three times Davis was to be executed and it didn’t happen, that to me is a sign, a sign for them to get it right; yet, they act blind, deaf, and dumb. If Davis’ blood is shed, from the bottom of my heart I mean this, I hope that each person involved in his death is forever haunted by his ghost. A person that co-signs the death of an innocent is no different from the one that plots to get the innocent killed.

This case took place in the late 80s to early 90s, a time in which racism was as hot as a pot of boiling water. America paints every black person in one brush, every one of us look-alike to them, so I believe that Davis was mistakenly identified as the killer,I am being generous with that word mistaken. I remember an episode of Good Times when JJ went to the art shop and was picked up by the police because someone had robbed the art shop. They drilled JJ to get him to confess, but he never did because he was innocent, but when the police found the robber, he looked nothing like JJ at all.

This happens all the time. I want President O’ Bama to intervene, but I will not hold my breath. Davis is fighting a battle that I cannot believe, to be given an execution date to be killed for something you did not commit, I cannot imagine what is running through his head. To the state of Georgia, you are backwards and a coward.

Those people want Davis dead, its plain to see, and they want him dead because they refuse to admit that they messed up, they got the wrong guy and has had the wrong guy for YEARS. I am saddened by this, they couldn’t even humble themselves to admit their fault. Pride is an ugly thing and it is something the state of Georgia is sitting on which will be its downfall. To the people on the Parole board that denied him clemency, I truly do hope that you get exactly what you deserve for the decision you made today.

For those that take this situation lightly, just remember its very easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so do not think this could not be you.

I hope the judge that will have the final say so has sense because if not they will not like the riots that will rise because of this case. I am hurt, pissed off, confused, not surprised, and wounded all at the same time. I will never look at the American flag the same way again, red is for the blood of innocents, blue is for the tears we cry for them, and white is for corrupted, tainted, muddied, justice.

Troy Davis: Innocent set for Execution

Right now I am backed up with topics that I have been behind on typing my opinion on. However to make this easier I want to talk about Troy Davis. An innocent man convicted of assault of murder. The case has so many loop holes of tom foolery that I can’t even begin to describe it, the police coerced people to testify against Davis, these people were on parole already and were threatened and bullied with worse if they did not comply,there is not one drop of physical evidence to link Davis to the crime. So basically his conviction is based on “eye-witness” testimony that is false to begin with. Now I do not know the legal system, although I do know it’s as corrupted as the Republican and Democratic Party; however, I did take mock trial and this seems very much like hearsay.

The most important point is that seven of the nine people who “testified” retracted their statement and talked about the pressure from police to convict Davis. I am getting very tired of innocent POCs being killed without reason especially when their innocence is proven time and time again. I am disgusted and pissed off, Casey Anthony’s ass got away scot-free she did not get charged with neglect despite the fact that it was clearly evident that she was neglecting her daughter. Again how many times will America defecate on POCs until we get it, there are many more Oscar Grant and I refuse to let Davis be another without a fight. My heart weep for the souls of the innocent that are murdered for no reason because no matter what their cries will never end. I hope that Oscar Grant haunts johannes mehserle, forever.

There is a possibility a strong one that despite Davis innocence he could be executed September 21. I don’t want that to happen and I want you guys to help me stop it along with those that have raised their voice about his situation and the injustice he is going through. So I will direct you to other blogs that have gone in-depth about his case, Abagond, Lipstick Alley, NAACP, and more.

Davis’ sister has been very adamant in getting her brothers story out there, so you can sign this petition, to help. Please spread the word about his situation. Everything helps, please send to the people who you know and ask them to send it. Please make America hear that this man is innocent because she is pretending to be blind and deaf.