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What is a Homestead exactly? The legal definition is: A person’s permanent home or property that includes the land on which the home stands on and other adjoining building or property. My simple definition is: Living independently (as much as possible) by doing for self. Growing up in the islands, we […]

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Self-Defense Class in the DMV Area July 22



I am all for women, especially Black women from all walks of life, knowing how to defend themselves in everyday life. There are enough stats of missing girls and women within the DMV area alone that is staggering and hits close to home. My sister pushed me to take a self-defense class and I thank her for it because it showed me how much strength I had that I didn’t know and how poor my boundaries were. I would silently suffer while people crossed boundaries that made me feel red hot angry. But boundaries are about self preservation. If someone crosses them it activates our fight or flight response. And I am still learning to enforce those boundaries I have learned. But for those who are confused and unsure there is a Self-Defense class taking place on Andrews AFB from 9:30am-12:30pm. You can purchase tickets and find more detail on the link above. The price of learning to protect yourself and your loved ones is priceless.

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Young Girl Brings History to Life

This post is just too cute for words. A father and daughter duo decides to dress up the daughter as women in history who have made their impact on America. I mean this is too cute for words. We must tell our girls about their place in history as young girls and young girls who will become women. So enjoy the picture below and you can check out the article in the link below. The little girls is too gorgeous for words.


Must-See: This Dad Took Photos of His Daughter Dressed as History-Making Women

Fighting For Young Girls

“Some people here say it’s to keep a girl from becoming promiscuous. Some say it’s because of religion. Others say it’s neither, and they wouldn’t even do it if they had a choice, but if you try to marry off a daughter who’s not “cut,” you’ll never get any camels for her.

“Cutting” is the polite shorthand for what is known in Somali as gudniin (literally, circumcision). International advocacy groups talk about this as “female genital mutilation,” or FGM, but Dhegacaade uses the medical term, “infibulation.”

This article from Jina Moore of BuzzFeed is about two amazing people who are fighting against the circumcision of young girls in Somalia. It is a tradition that causes so many issues, but the issues are either ignored or disregarded, but Dr. Abdul “Dhegacaade” Giama and Mama Hawa Aden are relentless in ensuring conversations are being had and people are being educated about the procedure and its lasting effects on the young girls once they become women. I could not read such an article and not share it here. Around the world young girls voices are being silenced and these two amazing people are literally putting their lives at risk to stop a tradition that is not easy. God bless them for their diligent work and I pray this article opens your eyes just like it did mine.

You can read the article below:

Meet The Two People Risking Everything To End This Crime Against Women

Zimbabwe’s 1st Woman Flight Deck Crew

My sisters in Zimbabwe are making history with the first all woman flight deck crew!!!!! This is amazing the captains Chipo M Matimba and Elizabeth Simbi Petros flew from Harare to Victoria Falls in the Boeing 737-200. Talk about amazing! Niger also has made history with Lieutenant Ouma Laouali being its first woman pilot to serve in the country’s armed Forces. It’s great to see these inspiriting women doing their thing and inspiring the next generation. Women can do everything and anything and this is another great way to promote womanpower. Blessings to these women and their achievements, may they achieve more things. Below will be a link to the full article. Source for the pictures is ThisisAfrica.

Captain Elizabeth Simbi Petros (L) and Captain Chipo M. Matimba (R) Photo: Air Zimbabwe

Read the full article Here.