BHM Spotlight: A. Philip Randolph

This man is the great A. Philip Randolph, if you have never heard of him, you can thank America’s wretched school system for that. However, if you have heard of him you know how much of an impact this man has made on the life of people of color in America. The impact he made ia still being seen, felt, and lived today.

If you are a person of color and you hold a government job, you have him to thank.

If you have family members, or know family members, that worked for the Pullman Porter, you need to thank him.

If you are a person of color that is apart of a union, you need to thank him.

Because this man marched, threatened to march, and met with several presidents to create a better future for African-Americans when it came to getting jobs and having equality.

In fact, this is the man who was the brain behind the march on Washington in 1963. In fact if you watch the video he spoke and was in the front of the line in marches. Without God there would be no A. Philip Randolph and without A. Philip Randolph there would be no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I know that my post is not doing this man justice. I heard about him when I got to college and I was hurt and shocked that I had never heard about this man before. He helped to start the first black union, Pullman Porters, because a lot of white unions wanted to stay white. Yet, he helped his people; in fact this man at one point was so poor from putting everything he had into the Pullman Porter that he had to depend on change from others to get a taxi home.

Unfortunately, he never had children, as I was told, he said that the movemen and the people that he was fighting for would be his children. Although Mr. Randolph wasn’t a christian, I think he was an atheist, never underestimate who God can and will use.

So Mr. Randolph you may not get the credit you deserve or the huge statue in your honor, but know that your efforts have paid off well and I thank you for loving your people and future generations enough to fight for us the way you did. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Freedom is never granted and is never given; it is won and exacted.” -A. Philip Randolph

You can learn about this amazing man here:


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